• Wall Formwork
  • Slab Formwork
  • Column Formwork and also it can be used efficiently in security systems and many other applications.

Plywood Provides Efficient Solutions with its Durability and Reusability.

Plywoods are resistant to scratches and vibrator damage. Large plywood formats offer a smooth and uniform concrete appearance with few joints.

  • It prevents the formation of fluctuations with its non-absorbent coating.
  • Its tough textured finish prevents splintering when nailing the plywood.
  • It prevents stains on the concrete surface.
  • Plywoods are suitable for reuse due to their dismantling properties and are easy to clean.

Birch Plywood Advantages

   Resistance to water and humidity

   Ideal surface hardness


   Easy processing

   Ability to combine easily with other materials

   Compliance with qualified sanding

✓  Filmed Birch Plywood improves the resistance of the panel to natural and chemical conditions.

✓  The service life is further extended with additional materials such as edge paint.