We are the Özaltın Group of Companies, which has a strong history extending to the production of branded furniture on an international scale, taking our roots from woodworking, our family profession, which we have continued for more than 50 years.

With our NEGNA furniture brand, which we developed as a value from the core of our company, we produce special furniture at high standards for our country, Turkey, and many countries of the world.

The products we produce are included as the NEGNA brand in buildings, offices, hotels, and public buildings developed in different cities of our country and the world.

In our industrial production facilities that use advanced technology and have high precision and efficiency; we carry on R&D, design, planning, production, packaging, and assembly works with strong teamwork and high energy.

In addition, with our HAYAT ÖZALTIN brand, we are producing housing in the highest segment category on an international scale in the construction sector.

With the rising dynamics of the developing construction industry, we have developed our MONKA brand for our H20 Wooden Beams and PLYWOOD products to be presented to the reinforced concrete formwork industry.

Our products, which we have started mass production with, are products with strong qualities developed as a result of significant professional experience.

We hope to work together in qualified and profitable projects.